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Multipix IP Camera applied in Shopping Mall
Posted by:Marketing Dept. Date: 2012-03-05

LKK Shopping Mall in Philippines

    Limketkai Mall (LKK) is a landmark in Cagayan de Oro not because that it is now modern and huge but it has always been identified as a homegrown commercial destination in the city. Everyday, hundreds and thousands of people are around there especially on weekend or holiday. Since increasing potential for crime at its store, one effective, efficient surveillance system is essential for LKK to manage its vast shopping mall. In addition to improved security to prevent theft, LKK wanted a solution that could have sharp details of the image.
    LKK decided a more advanced, IP-based video surveillance system would be the best solution for its extensive requirements, and chose MP-HDII series Network Cameras for their superior price-performance. Because MP-HDII series are all encode by H.264 compression, performing bule image quality and could video output up to 1920*1080 high resolution. The video management platform was Multipix MPWEB NVR, supporting 64ch software.

    The implementation of M-HDII 820,MP-HDII 730 andMP-HDII 700 Network Cameras had given LKK greater control over management of its shopping mall, and improved stock control and loss prevention through real-time monitoring and the ability to view and investigate suspicious incidents. The Multipix solution has also created new ways for the business to appraise staff performance, measure the effectiveness of marketing programs and identify and respond rapidly to business trends or changing conditions to maximize sales and promotional opportunities.
    Driving business with real-time information
    The cost-effective, IP-based video surveillance and remote monitoring solution gives LKK the ability to gather, record and view information in real-time from multiple located cameras in shopping mall for the first time. Unlike LKK’s old analog CCTV system, where images were recorded on magnetic tapes, Axis network cameras give LKK users greater convenience and flexibility by recording images into a computer. With a camera, computer and built-in web server in the one unit, the Multipix MP-HDII series Network Cameras capture and send live images directly over an IP network. The Multipix solution could easily get clear view of the crowds in shopping mall, giving LKK more efficient ways to investigate suspicious incidents and analyze and improve business performance and retail service center management.

    More effective marketing and performance appraisal
    Using Multipix network cameras, LKK can observe staff in each shop to appraise performance. LKK can also instantly monitor customer numbers and use the information to evaluate and plan effective marketing programs to maximize sales opportunities. Access to up-to-the-minute information on customer traffic enables LKK to rapidly respond to changing market conditions or customer needs and optimize management and allocation of staff resources.

    The Multipix MP-HD II Series, a professional network camera for indoor monitoring, provides superior image quality and flexibility compared to LKK’s previous analog-based security system. The camera connects directly to an IP network and enables remote monitoring over a local area network or the Internet using a standard web browser. With the Multipix IP-Surveillance solution already delivering proven benefits in SIM’s extensive retail environment, management will consider expanding installation of the cameras to enhance general surveillance throughout the rest of the organization.